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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Christmas bells are ringing this Monday — and some of them might sound a lot like a wake-up call. As Santa electric slides down chimneys everywhere, something weightier is happening in the skies. For the first time in nearly 30 years, decadent, romantic Venus syncs up with serious Saturn in Capricorn — the sign of the long-term planner and conservationist. Are certain traditions ready for an eco-friendly upgrade? Save that wrapping paper and recycle what can't be salvaged — and if you overdid it, vow to lower your footprint next year. This cosmic confab reminds us to cherish things that are more eternal than ephemeral, like the bonds we share with the people in our family and our romantic partners. Yup, stargazers, with a little extra attention paid to the folks who matter most, Christmas 2017 could turn into a full-on lovefest.
This weekend, we'll leave 2017 in the rearview — a year of massive upheaval and change. In numerology, 2017 was a 1 Year which, historically is when everything feels chaotic, revolutionary, and insane all at once. (And so, it was.) But we'll all get a little reprieve from the madness as New Year's Eve rings in with a lighthearted moon in Gemini. Sometimes "keeping it surface" means keeping things sane! Find the humor and levity in every situation and enjoy a night of flirting shamelessly with strangers! Don't try to turn your midnight smoocher into anything serious. Sometimes a kiss really is just a kiss — and that's fine, too.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
December 22 to January 19

You're the most famous reindeer of all this Christmas Day, Capricorn, as your ruling planet, masterful Saturn syncs up with glamorous Venus in your sign! This rare sync-up hasn't happened for three decades but it's sure to boost your popularity as the week jumps off. With all eyes on you, share your greatest hits of 2017. People may comment with offers to collaborate or support you on your mission. Wherever you celebrate, make a point of being inclusive of everyone in the room. You set the tone now, Capricorn, and your generous energy could cause a few elitists (and bullies) to change their exclusionary tunes.

You’re the one holding the list this NYE, Capricorn, as the planets appoint you "crew glue" for the festivities. Choose your party-people carefully. It will be harder to slip past those red velvet ropes if you’re rolling too deep. With the moon in your service-oriented sixth house, you might even squeeze in a volunteer shift before you don the sequins or tux. These moonbeams could also bring a desire for clean living, so if you're opting for La Croix instead of Korbel, save your friends the double-priced Lyft rides and play designated driver. Warning: Don’t let people throw your plan off by adding last-minute changes and requests. They can go their own way if they don’t like your itinerary.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
January 20 to February 18

Did you snooze through the gift exchange, Aquarius? With enchanting Venus and slowpoke Saturn in your dreamy 12th house this Christmas Day, you're hardly eager to roll out of bed. But all the same, here's hoping you set an alarm. Huddling with your nearest and dearest will be especially heartwarming under this nostalgic starmap. Isolating yourself, on the other hand, could be unnecessarily depressing. If you're feeling Christmas blues, push yourself to get dressed (your fave athleisure cropped pants and old Chucks are just fine) and go be with people. You'll feel better the second the crisp air hits you. Go easy on the libations, though. You won't exactly have the best boundaries on Monday and could overdo it on the cups of cheer. And come on, Aquarius, your friends adore you just the way you are.

Forget the Sandman on New Year's Eve! With the Gemini moon sparkling in your festive, flamboyant, and flirtatious fifth house, the ceiling cannot hold you as you stomp into 2018! Go maximalist with everything: Big hair, sequins, metallic makeup, and colorful faux fur. Is a bonkers DJ or band coming to town? Splurge on tickets and dance the night away. Pucker up, too! You’ll have first dibs when it comes a midnight kiss. Be bold — it might very well be you initiating the snog-fest. If you’ve found your true love, you could start 2018 on a romantic high, pledging your undying love under the spray of fireworks.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
February 19 to March 20

Monday's heartwarming meetup of generous Venus and provider-planet Saturn will find you in an especially social groove. Forget about shutting yourself in this Christmas Day. Load up the sleigh and go visit friends around town, doing your best to get them to come out and play with you! Closed businesses do not have to be a deterrent. If it's snowy in your area, organize some afternoon sledding or rustle everyone into the car for a trip to the IMAX theater. With your tech sector lit up, we wouldn't be surprised to find you sneaking in a little Tinder time — and even slipping off to meet a promising prospect for a drink after sunset. If you're in a relationship, Monday may spur a candid conversation about the state of your union. Don't shy away from the trouble spots. Discussing them honestly (but diplomatically) can inspire creative solutions.

Home is where your heart is this New Year’s Eve as the moon nestles in your domestic fourth house. Party at The Mermaid Lounge? For some Pisces, this could bring a chance to flex your hosting skills and raise the roof by playing DJ. You may feel a little too low-key to brave the crowds this December 31, so don’t force yourself to go out. An intimate gathering with close friends and family, or even drinks and karaoke at a local joint, will be a perfectly fun way to ring in 2018. All the New Year’s Eve hype never quite delivers, anyway. Instead of trying to find the party, make the people you’re with the main event. When you're in great company — whether your oldest, truest friends or your beloved fam — it doesn’t matter where you are.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
March 21 to April 19

Tradition, tradition! With enchanting Venus and legacy-builder Saturn aligned in your 10th house this Christmas Day, you're up for a celebration with all the trimmings: Have you considered hosting Friendsmas for your best pals? Make it ugly-sweater themed and put your own spin on Grandma’s ‘nog recipe. Who knows — this could become a yearly tradition. And while 2017 has been the year of men behaving badly, this cosmic coupling sets the stage for bonding with your dad, brother, or another forward-thinking guy in your world. And if you have to gently school him on feminist principles, Venus helps you do so diplomatically. Here's to progress, Aries! When you're done unwrapping gifts, you may feel the lure of your laptop to work on an unfinished project or research a business idea. Slip off for some masterminding — but don't tuck away for so long than you miss the essential bonding moments this day can bring!

Aries social butterflies are free this New Year’s Eve! Come on out of your cozy cocoon, as a buzzy January 31 is in the stars for you. With the Gemini moon making magic in your house of local activity, your celebrations may be within walking distance or a short Lyft ride away. Fun-loving friends, including a neighbor or sibling, make the perfect company. You'll love mingling with new people, too — and if you're single, that midnight snog could come from a completely random pair of lips. (Hey, as long as you think they're hot…) The more isn't always the merrier, so be stricter about your guest list. The last thing you need is a Needy Nancy trying to dim your sparkle — or worse, make you feel guilty for shamelessly flirting instead of paying attention to her. Consider hosting a pre-party at the Ram Ranch so you can sip a little extra bubbly before getting price-gauged on the bar scene.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
April 20 to May 20

Cabin fever alert! With your ruler, social butterfly Venus, in your restless ninth house this Christmas Day, lounging in your PJs could get old by noon. Charter the sleigh and go visit friends — or meet them for an afternoon movie and a cup of cheer. Got family plans? Put a twist on some of those old family traditions. Does the dinner music need a modern infusion? Mix in some Beyoncé with the Bing Crosby. Instead of ending the day in a sugar coma, you might also introduce some healthy new updates to traditional recipes: think pumpkin zoodles, balsamic Brussels sprouts with pom seeds, or new ways to make dessert with dark chocolate. Go easy on the truth serum (including the kind that comes in a punch bowl), because a holiday is not the time and place to broach a tender topic. But if real talk can bring you closer to a loved one, go for a walk and bond with a heart-to-heart convo.

Shivering in Times Square as you count down to midnight is so not happening for you this NYE. The moon will be in your comfort- and luxe-loving second house on Sunday, so hang up your head-turning faux-fur and settle down for a fancy dinner and drinks with your closest friends. Have you been trying for weeks to make a glamorous reservation? You might just get lucky and nab someone’s cancellation. Get on Resy and see. Which of your friends is hosting the can’t-miss house party? You’re on the list — put on your blue suede shoes and go cut a rug. Some Bulls would be happy to watch the ball drop from home after one of your legendary dinner parties. Bottom line: Keep it classy and curated!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
May 21 to June 20

Let Vixen and Cupid valet your sleigh this Christmas Day. With amorous Venus and serious Saturn synced up in your intimate eighth house, celebrations could take a seductive turn. You won't be eager to roll out of bed if you wake up next to a sexy someone — and even if you don't! Under these introspective skies, you're happy to pass the entertainment director baton to someone else in your fam. Enjoy your quiet time, reading (check Emma Roberts' virtual book club, Belletrist, for recommendations), catching up on Mind Hunter, or exploring a meditation app like HeadSpace. Intimate conversations will be your jam this Christmas, so slip off to catch up with a favorite relative or friend between naps. Coupled Geminis could decide to take a serious step together before the celebrations are through.

And don't worry: New Year's Eve will be a completely different story. With the moon in Gemini for the entire weekend, you are the celebutante of the celebrations. Scrap plans to huddle by the fireplace with family or stay in with your cat. You need to be out and about: maybe try to nab a spot under the drones at Ryan Seacrest’s New Year's Rockin' Eve or go party-hopping through a happening neighborhood. Keep the guest list tight. One or two independent, adventurous friends will be enough; hopefully, ones who won’t mind when you slip into the corner for a long-past-midnight kiss. Under these independent skies, you won’t mind being a party-of-one if friends bail earlier than you. It's guaranteed that you’ll meet people along the way.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
June 21 to July 22

Dreaming of a platinum Christmas? This Monday, glamorous Venus and rock-solid Saturn align in your decadent and romantic seventh house. Forget about puttering around in your favorite cozy yoga pants. Paint on some baby blue eyes and go make merry — or, host a spontaneous soiree under your tree. A promising prospect could even show up as a pal's plus-one. Your festive mingling could evolve into real talk about the future of a relationship. Have you always felt an attraction to that friend of yours? If the moment feels right, 'fess up! Coupled Cancers, get swept up in the moment. Santa's big day could end with a pledge of exclusivity or even a proposal!

New Year's Eve arrives with a moon in your soulful 12th house. Before you hit the party circuit, gather with BFFs to review your 2017 highlights reel. What were your greatest moments of the year (attending the Women's March, maybe?) and what are you oh-so ready to leave behind? You might even turn it into a ceremonial purging: Write those “goodbye to you” lists and safely light ‘em on fire (like in a metal canister in your kitchen sink). A midnight meditation could be your NYE jam — or at least your pre-party before you sashay your way to the middle of the dance floor. And should you find your groove, you are guaranteed to dance until sunrise!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
July 23 to August 22

Aren't you the helpful elf, Leo? This Monday, Christmas Day, the spirit of service sweeps over you as loving Venus syncs up with provider planet Saturn in your charitable sixth house. Look for little ways to support your fellow revelers, whether you're coordinating gift exchanges under the tree or making sure all the wrapping paper gets recycled. Could your sister use a two-hour break from her toddler to enjoy some QT with her hubby? Maybe the neighborhood shelter could use some extra hands with serving the holiday lunch. Sharing the goodwill can be a great bonding experience — and with romantic Venus in the picture, sparks could even fly with a fellow volunteer.

NYE is on Sunday and with the moon in your "the more, the merrier" 11th house, plan ahead by putting a couple extra bottles of bubbles on ice. The head count of your entourage could grow exponentially as the weekend goes on. Don't blow the bank on those high-dollar tickets. You’d have a better time at a laid-back venue (perhaps a cozy prohibition-themed jazz bar) than a stuffy, black-tie affair. While you won’t mind mapping out the party plan, once the celebration is underway, put your phone on Do Not Disturb so you can cut loose. If friends deleted the party deets or forgot to buy their tickets before the venue sold out, c'est la vie. Give yourself freedom to work the room while you're out and about — and if you're not ready to leave with a sleepy BFF, put her in a Lyft and dance until the breaka-breaka dawn.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
August 23 to September 22

Look who's cutting loose this Christmas! Monday features a heavenly huddle of planets in your festive fifth house. Translation: You alone, Virgo, have the power to get the party started. Don't let the sleepyheads drag you down; in fact, with a little nudging, you can get everyone on their feet for a multigenerational dance party or a matinee. Cupid could make a cameo, too — and with serious Saturn hovering over your day, that smooch under the mistletoe may be much more than "just a kiss." A little Tindering under the tinsel wouldn't hurt either and Santa may deliver a newcomer to your feed who is worthy of a Super Like.

New Year's Eve calls for a different kind of fancy as the moon swirls through your 10th house of prestige and public image. Black ties, red carpets, gold labels — those are the colors of your NYE rainbow. Take all the time you need in hair and makeup and pull together an outfit that makes you look like a style blogger's dream. No money? No problem. With your creative flair, you can pull this off with a quick beauty hack and a thrift store haul in an upscale neighborhood. And check with your well-connected friends because one could get you on the list. If your budget only allows general admission tix, it’s no biggie. You’ll charm your way right past those red velvet ropes and into the VIP area. Hanging with the fellas, or one extra-special dude, will also help you end the year on a high.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
September 23 to October 22

A cozy Christmas Day is in store for Libras as your ruler, enchanting Venus, syncs up with stoic Saturn in your domestic zone. You'll prefer the company of your innermost circle — close friends, relatives, chosen family. Volunteer to make a pancake breakfast, make sure everyone's cup is filled, the playlist of carols doesn't repeat too many times, and that everyone knows when it's time to come watch A Christmas Story. Your Spidey senses will be strong, so tune in. Does someone seem down? Cheer them up with one of your famous, uplifting pep talks. If the spirit moves you, deliver a toast around the table — or ask everyone to share their favorite moment of 2017. There won't be a dry eye in the house.

By the weekend, you'll be ready to swap the fleece slippers for a pair of red soles (and some ballet flats for the road). With the moon in your jet-setting ninth house this December 31, NYE plans could take you far from Kansas, Toto. (Will you be the first to ring in the New Year at a waterfront party in Sydney? Or maybe hear Big Ben chime the first stroke of midnight in London?) If you're grounded close to home, aim for an out-of-the-ordinary experience like an interactive theater performance or a midnight DJ set. Pre-gaming at a swanky hotel bar could be fun, giving you a chance to rub shoulders with travelers rolling through your town — you might even invite one along to be your midnight bisou!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
October 23 to November 21

Let people be your priority this Christmas Day, Scorpio, even if you have to set aside some of your trademark perfectionism. Who cares if you hand people presents in gift bags without wrapping paper? If that opens up time for you to go mingle and share a cup of cheer, people would prefer the pleasure of your company. (And hey, you can tell them that you're being environmentally conscious.) Bonding with a sibling, cousin, or close friend can also make your day merry and bright as Venus and Saturn team up in your third house of peers. Is a neighbor all alone this Monday? Invite 'em over to watch It's A Wonderful Life and help you finish that leftover pie. Your caring move could set the stage for a supportive bond with a "building friend" who might even feed your cat and collect your mail the next time you go out of town.

New Year's Eve masquerade ball, anyone? With the moon in your mysterious and enchanting eighth house this Sunday, you might just go undercover for your celebrations. Ooh, la la! This seductive energy could bring a midnight kiss from a sultry stranger. Already crazy in love? Ring in 2018 with a celebration for two. Nothing wrong with heading home early with a bottle of Veuve tucked in your bag — especially if that means peeling off the party clothes and getting down and dirty. At the very least, cozy up for dinner (or a pre-party romp) before meeting your squad on the town.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
November 22 to December 21

Is that Christmas cash burning a hole in the pocket of your cropped jeans? Slow your roll, Sagittarius. Hedonistic Venus gets checked by sensible Saturn this Monday, warning you not to blow it all on impulse purchases. Price drops may be plentiful this week, but do you really want/need that item, or are you just hitting "Buy Now" because it's on sale? If you're going to splurge, you're better off springing for one high-ticket item like a classic crossbody bag or a timeless pair of earrings — anything that will be as practical as it is luxurious. And you might spend a few more bucks to bring something elegant to any celebrations you're attending, like a nicer bottle of wine or a hostess gift.

Table for two, s’il vous plait. With the moon in your partnership house this NYE, ring in 2018 with the most important person in your life, be it bae or your BFF. While others may join your dynamic duo throughout the night, make sure you start and wrap your celebrations together. Single Archers, step off the dance floor and see who you might spark up a conversation with while you catch your breath. You could meet someone with promising potential for a 2018 duet. Attraction aside, no need to rush a midnight kiss if that would feel awkward. Anyone worth having in your life is worth waiting for.

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