The Real Meaning Behind Blac Chyna's Newest Tattoo

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When I was younger, my parents gently steered me away from my natural curiosity with tattoos the same way most do: "Tattoos are permanent!" they warned. "Will you really want that when you're older?"
Years later, I've formed my own (positive) opinions about body ink, but I will admit that they did have a point about the permanency. And until we develop a magical, pain-free cream that removes body art instantly, there are only two effective ways to get rid of unwanted ink: laser removal or covering it with a second design. Just ask Blac Chyna, because as of this weekend, she's done both.
According to People, the reality star and mother of two showed off her newest ink in a Snapchat story on Friday. The picture has since expired (much to our dismay), but not before a few fans got screenshots, seen below.
In the picture, Chyna shows off the outer sides of both hands: one tattoo reads "King" (the name of her 5-year-old son), and the other reads "Dream" (her 13-month-old daughter). But there's more to these tattoos than meets the eye. The "Dream" tattoo also covers up an old tattoo: the name of her ex, "Future," that she removed with laser removal last year.
Unfortunately, as some might know, laser removal isn't 100 percent effective, and some Instagram users have taken note. "Love the idea! But bad job," one user wrote in the comments. "The Dream is smaller than King, (and) you can still see Future's name." Sure enough, if you look closely, you can see the outline of "Future" behind "Dream."
All things considered, these new tattoos are a sweet nod to Chyna's kids — and that's something she'll never want to cover up.

#BlacChyna shows off her new tattoos of her kids names

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