Sip Efficiently This Season With The Wine Pocket Christmas Sweater

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
Two essential elements of being merry are food and drink, but it can be hard to enjoy both at the same time. Picture this celebratory scene: you’re at a good friend's house, which is decorated impeccably, and wearing your favorite Christmas sweater. Of course, you are camped out by the refreshments table. In one hand you have a plate filled with festive treats and in the other a glass of wine. You’re excited to dig into the Jingle Jangle and other tasty snacks piled high on your plate, but sadly you don't have a free hand. Now what? You’re stuck unless that Christmas sweater you came dressed in has a pocket for your wine.
If that Christmas wish sounds unlikely to be granted by Santa and his elves, think again. According to Delish, this Christmas sweater, made for the most efficient of holiday indulgers, really does exist, and it can be yours even if you didn't put it on your official wish list.
The Wine Pocket Christmas Jumper is available through Want That Trend. With green and white knit stripes, the sweater's design looks festive enough for an elf, but there's one detail that shows it's clearly made for human adults, who love to have a good time. The front of the sweater features a red stocking with fluffy white trim at the top, and that stocking was designed to store a full bottle of wine.
Want That Trend's Wine Pocket Christmas Jumper cost $33.24 and comes in a variety of sizes. With it, you can snack and sip with ease at your holiday parties to come. That scene we imagined above will be greatly improved with this sweater, a bottle of wine, and a straw. This season, the Wine Pocket Christmas Jumper gives the gift of hands-free sipping. Making merry has never been so easy.

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