These Trader Joe's Holiday Snacks Are Straight Out Of Riverdale

Update: Recently, Trader Joe's released its line of holiday snacks, and included at the top of our must-try list was a candy mix called Jingle Jangle. Both because the mix is actually delicious, with its assortment of chocolate coated pieces, and because it reminded us of Riverdale's newest drug of choice, we automatically became obsessed with the holiday treat. So, naturally, we freaked out when we found the grocery chain is also offering Jingle Jangle ice cream this season.
We learned about TJ's newly released Jingle Jangle ice cream after the Snackstalker Instagram account posted a photo of the dessert on its feed. The flavor is basically just creamy vanilla ice cream with Jingle Jangle mixed in, but considering how delicious the chocolate snack mix is on its own, the simplicity is absolutely not a bad thing.
We were lucky enough to try the treat, and it does indeed live up to the hype. The only way to make it better would be to sprinkle in even more of the snack mix, which, if you're a regular Trader Joe's shopper, is certainly doable.

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This story was originally published on November 20, 2016.
Let's hope the Black Hood doesn't head to Trader Joe's this holiday season, because he may snatch up every single box of Jingle Jangle before you have time to dip into the chocolatey goodness.
That's right, folks: Jingle Jangle is back at Trader Joe's, but this Christmas, the name is associated with more than just peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered pretzels, and candy covered buttons. That's because the sweet snack mix just so happens to share a name with Riverdale's drug of choice.
Just try to untangle the jingle from this jangle.
On The CW, "jingle jangle" has infiltrated the sleepy town of Riverdale thanks to a pusher appropriately named "the Sugarman." It's not long before even wholesome kids like Archie Andrews (K.J. Apa) are experimenting with the hilariously named drug.
Foodie Instagrammer Junk Banter has a complicated relationship with the snack food, just as the kids on Riverdale can't stop swallowing their Pixy Stix-like drug of choice...even if a man in a mask is ready to shoot them for doing so.
"Dear Jingle Jangle, we need to talk. I think you are overkill, I do. But this is a fact I observe only after buying you year after year, and eating all of you every time. Like, chill...with your milk & dark chocolate pretzels, milk & dark peanut butter cups, dark chocolate covered cookies, dark chocolate caramel popcorn, and milk chocolate candy buttons. You’re a lot to handle. So I just eat a little bit of you when I get back to the house. And on my way out of the house. And once in the middle of the night. Then I wonder why I’ve gained so much winter weight before winter has actually started? Like f*ck you. Also, I love you."
"This looks so amazing, but I think it's funny 'jingle jangle' is the name of a drug going around town on Riverdale," one fan wrote in the comments section of the post.
Trader Joe's snack food seemingly got its name from the general holiday "jingle" (perhaps even "Jingle Bells"), but the reason Riverdale uses this moniker is entirely different. Riverdale is based on the characters from Archie Comics who also previously appeared on the animated series The Archie Show. That cartoon featured fictional band The Archies, who had a song called "Jingle Jangle." It's very catchy, and has nothing to do with drugs, or chocolate.
If there's a Trader Joe's in the town of Riverdale, well, the citizens are going to be awfully confused this December.
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