The Cast Of Pitch Perfect May All Be Future Serial Killers

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According to actress Brittany Snow, everyone has serial killer tendencies. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that everyone on the planet has the capacity or drive to murder another human being in cold blood. It simply means that everybody has at lest one weird trait that, if you were to find out that person is a serial killer, you might point to that one behavior and think, well, I shouldn't be surprised. In case you're not following, during a recent appearance on Ellen, the cast of Pitch Perfect 3, including Snow, Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, and Rebel Wilson each revealed what their serial killer trait is to demonstrate this phenomenon.
This unexpected talkshow conversation about serial killer traits started when Snow was explaining why she and her fellow Pitch Perfect cast members were afraid of Kendrick when they first met her. She said, "I just thought she was scary because every time I would go over and visit her in her apartment or hotel or on any vacation, she always had her sunglasses completely lined up one-by-one, symmetrically in rows." As if to justify this strange behavior, Kendrick jumped in and explained that per Snow's theory, having to have her many pairs of sunglasses perfectly organized everywhere she goes, is just her serial killer trait.
Snow did back Kendrick up, saying, "everybody has one," and then Kendrick went about outing everyone else's creepy behavior. According to her, Camp's is that she prefers orange gummy vitamins to red or purple ones, which admittedly is a bit odd.
Throughout this conversation of serial killer traits, Wilson was fairly adamant that she didn't have one. However, when Ellen DeGeneres finally asked what Wilson's was, Kendrick said matter-of-factly, "Her's is the weirdest one." Though we were only mildly unsettled by Camp's trait, Kendrick is right, Wilson's is straight-up creepy.
Kendrick explains, "Yours is that you have only — this is true fact — you have only ever seen any movie that you have seen one time." Wilson admits that this fact is true, but she still, shockingly, doesn't see how it's weird.
Based on this conversation, Wilson may be the most dangerous of these women, but don't worry, as we always suspected DeGeneres appears to be the least threatening. Her serial killer trait is that she's always early. Yeah, that definitely fits. No one could ever be afraid of her.

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