Star Wars' Porgs Are Tearing The Internet Apart

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.
Are porgs Star Wars' cutest creation yet? Are they just a way for Disney to sell toys this holiday season? Are they more sinister than any of us thought?
We've seen porgs around the internet for a while now, but with The Last Jedi hitting theaters this week, now's a great time to revisit the polarizing creatures.
Porgs are apparently native to Ahch-To, Luke Skywalker's planet and the home of the first Jedi temple. Apparently, baby porgs are called "porglets," so it's hard to imagine the bird-like creatures as anything but cuddly. But as Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican posited last month, porgs might not be as cute as they appear.
Neal Scanlan, The Last Jedi's creature supervisor, told People that one of the porgs becomes friends with Chewbacca. It sounds super cute — so why does Chewie appear to have eaten a porg in a photo Breznican shared?
So far, Twitter users have had pretty mixed reactions to the porgs. Plenty of people have called them cute, but others aren't so sure. And, of course, there are plenty of porg memes out there.
Even Mark Hamill got in on the action, chastising his Star Wars costar John Boyega for speaking disparagingly of the porgs. (Boyega told EW that he "had a love/hate relationship with them.") Hamill even created a porg meme of his own.
And here's the Last Jedi cast trying to make the porg sounds.
And a certain New Yorker article made its way into the conversation.
Scanlan told People that the porgs were "absolutely going to win everybody's hearts" in The Last Jedi, and we'll soon know whether or not that's truly the case. Either way, expect your siblings/cousins/pretty much every other family member to ask for a porg toy this holiday season.
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