Why It Doesn’t Bother Violetta Komyshan That Ansel Elgort’s Fans Are Jealous Of Her

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.
Ansel Elgort and dancer Violetta Komyshan have made headlines before due to their, uh, enthusiastic use of Instagram, but in an interview with Cosmopolitan, Komyshan confessed that she really doesn't mind what people say about her on social media.
"Occasionally, but it’s like, 'You’re ugly,'" she said when asked if fans of Elgort were ever mean to her on Instagram. "There’s no substance to those little comments they make. Sometimes they’ll insult what I’m wearing or something, but who cares? It’s fashion, whatever. I just stay away from that. It’s more positive than negative. Maybe in the beginning when he first started posting [photos of] me on his Instagram, people would be like, 'Who’s this girl, blah blah blah?' But now they’re like, 'I’m so jealous, but you guys are so cute!'"
It certainly helps that Elgort is apparently a skilled Instagram boyfriend.
"He really knows when I look genuinely happy and beautiful," she explained, adding that "he knows my light, he knows everything. He could just be my personal photographer and he’d be great at it because he’s so good."
Her favorite photo, however, is this one from a month ago:

Last Sunday morning... I've been obsessed with Violetta since highschool.

A post shared by Ansel Elgort (@ansel) on

"Last Sunday morning..." he captioned the photo. "I've been obsessed with Violetta since highschool."
"I was like, 'Awww,'" Komyshan told the magazine. "Which is true, we’ve been together like six years!"
It's not just Instagram that the couple has dominated. Komyshan also starred in Elgort's music video for "Thief."
"Music should be art," he told Rolling Stone about the video. "Musicians used to play characters all the time: Bowie, MJ, Freddie Mercury. I'm inspired by those guys [rather than] the modern pop star."
You can read Cosmopolitan's full interview with Komyshan over here.

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