Why The Crown Ditched A Certain Sex Scene

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The creators of The Crown were very particular when it came to filming sex scenes for the show. In the end, they ended up cutting a number of them because when portraying the royal family, some things remain taboo.
The Crown is a dramatized version of historical events, so while some creative liberties were taken, there was one they decided to avoid. While filming the second season, a sex scene involving Princess Margaret was scrapped. "We decided that actually no one wants to see royal boob, which is what we called it, so, in not needing that, it wasn't that kind of show," Vanessa Kirby, who plays the Princess on the Netflix hit drama, admitted to E! News.
That's not to say there were no sex scenes this season. Just not many involving members of the royal family.
Both she and Matt Smith, who plays Prince Phillip, admit that sex felt off-limits when it came to telling the story of the royal family. Kirby brought up one of the few sex scenes from season one. It was such a small scene that even Smith needed reminding and he was in it. The scene was between him and Claire Foy who plays Queen Elizabeth II. "Felt tremendous," Smith joked about the very tame and brief scene.
The historical drama tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the royal family. Each season covers roughly one decade of her reign, the first spotlighting the 1950s, and the newly released second season highlights the '60s. Not only is it a history lesson for everyone watching, but it's also a look behind the curtain into their personal lives as major events in history were occurring. "I feel like it's a lot of new information for people in England for people anyway, because I certainly didn't know about that time in history in the way that I've learned about it because of the show. I think that's something that's really wonderful about it actually; it makes people interested, including me, in things that I had no idea about. I had forgotten all those prime ministers," Kirby said, with Smith wholeheartedly agreeing.
It makes sense why the cast and crew would be extra cautious when it comes to these scenes. They are portraying real people, and not just any real people: royally real people.

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