The Crown Star Vanessa Kirby's Advice For Whoever Plays Margaret Next

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The Crown star Vanessa Kirby has some advice for whoever plays Princess Margaret after her.
We've known for the last couple months that the main characters in Netflix's hit historical drama, The Crown, would be getting re-cast. Each season covers roughly one decade of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, so it only makes sense that much of the cast changes up as they progress through the years.
Over the time Kirby has gotten to play the Princess, she says she has fallen "in love" with her, calling the experience a "privilege." In an interview with Variety, Kirby said she focused on enjoying every minute she had to portray Princess Margaret during a younger period of her life that many people don't know about. Even Kirby herself admitted that she grew up only knowing of the Princess later in life as a "kind of tragic figure."
The actress shared that she felt a responsibility to not only do justice to the woman she was portraying, but to also set things up for whoever came on in season three to take over the role. "I felt like I had a responsibility to show who the girl was really and how somebody becomes hard or however everyone perceived her. Icy. Cold. Guarded. And a bit of a battle axe...I felt a definite responsibility to not play the end. I hope that the public sees her in a different way now and even if it’s just a handful of people, I would have felt proud of that. And also the actress that plays her next. I hope in some way I’ve done sort of justice to what she might do," Kirby explained to Variety.
Netflix has already announced that Olivia Colman will succeed Claire Foy as the Queen starting in season three, but it hasn't yet been announced who will take over the role of Princess Margaret. Kirby admits that she doesn't know who is slated to play the Princess next; however, she does have some sweet and very practical advice for her.
"Just have the best time," she begins. "And get the lovely wonderful head of props, Mark, to light your cigarettes for you. Because then you save half the smoking."

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