The Real Meaning Behind Hilary Duff's Hidden Arm Tattoo

Hilary Duff added to her collection of inner-arm tattoos last week. The Younger actress shared a photo of herself sitting in the chair at the parlor of celebrity fave Doctor Woo, who later showed off his artwork on his own Instagram. The small cursive lettering reads, "Take Fountain."
"Just a super tiny reminder on @hilaryduff, one of the best tips when you are driving in LA via #bettedavis," Woo wrote.
Duff, who two years ago told Ellen DeGeneres she has 12 tats on her inner arms, didn't just choose those words out of thin air. For those of you not obsessed with Old Hollywood, let us explain this famous quip from Bette Davis: Late in life, the iconic actress did some hilarious, rambling interviews on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson — seriously, you should watch whatever ones you can find on YouTube. When Carson asked her how a young actress should get into Hollywood, she shot back, "Take Fountain," as in, Fountain Avenue, a shortcut that leads into the Los Angeles neighborhood.
As one of Woo's Instagram followers was quick to point out, the joke doesn't work quite so well anymore. "Fountain has been too congested for years. Too late for that advice," Jenacom replied.

Always a good hang @_dr_woo_

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What could the quote mean for Duff, though? She may just be a huge Davis fan — and they do share a similar look. We like to think this could also be a statement about her ambition and work ethic as an actress — she's not one to wait around for instant success; she's getting herself there physically and putting in the effort for a lasting career, like Davis'.
Duff is one of many stars to frequent Woo's tattoo studio for his delicate needlework. Earlier this month, Woo told Refinery29 that script tats on the inside of the arm are one of his most popular requests, but some are choosing more hidden locations.
"The inside of the lip," Woo said. "People get that a lot. Words or letters, initials, or symbols — things that are easy."
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