Here's How To Get Free Chipotle Queso Next Week

Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire.
Your holiday season is about to get cheesier. Earlier this week, Chipotle announced that it would soon be giving away free queso, but only to customers who are willing to get in the holiday spirit.
Chipotle is asking customers to stop by on Tuesday, December 12 wearing a cheesy sweater. (As in an ugly Christmas sweater, not a sweater coated in shredded cheddar.) Order an entrée while decked out in the tacky duds, and Chipotle will put queso on your burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos, free of charge.
In its announcement of the cheesy sweater promo, Chipotle preempted your question about what exactly qualifies as "your cheesiest sweater" by explaining, "What do we mean by cheesy, you ask? Well, just like your burrito order, it's what you make of it. (Surprise us.)" So, it seems like we can get creative with our free queso outfits. However, if you need inspiration, check out the sweater warmer around the burrito in this tweet from the chain.
The burrito chain officially introduced queso just three months ago in September, though before that it had been tested at Chipotle’s public test kitchen in New York City. Since being added to the menu, Chipotle's queso has received a fairly mixed response. Many loyal customers were upset that the menu item was permanently replacing chorizo. Also, because it's made with no additives and has a less creamy texture that many queso dips, some people simply do not like Chipotle's new queso.
Despite the less than glowing reviews, it seems like giving the queso away for free in the name of holiday cheer is a good way to get people to change their tune about about the new menu item. No matter what our feelings are about Chipotle's queso might be, freebies have a special way of almost always piquing our interest.
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