This New ClassPass Launch Means Never Leaving Home To Work Out

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
There are plenty of reasons someone might not be able to make it to a gym or fitness studio for a workout. Maybe they live in a rural areas and there aren't any good facilities nearby. Maybe they only have 30 minutes to spare that day. Maybe they just can't bring themselves to put on pants.
All of these reasons are valid, but they shouldn't keep you from a workout if you really want to get one in. And ClassPass is here to help.
The company, which connects users with boutique fitness classes, announced today that they'll start offering livestreamed workouts in early 2018.
ClassPass Live will be a subscription service on top of your existing ClassPass account. To start out, it will cost $10 a month for existing members and $15 a month for new members, plus the cost of a starter kit that will include a heart monitor and a Chromecast so that you can stream the workouts to your TV.
ClassPass hopes these classes will be just as interactive as if you were at a fitness studio — and that's where the heart rate monitor comes in. It will track the heartbeat of everyone working out at home, and use a leaderboard to show how you're stacking up to others. That way, the instructor can tell you to pick up the pace as if you were actually in the same room.
Of course, fitness isn't a competition, and using a heart monitor and a leaderboard shouldn't make you feel as if you have to push harder just to beat other people. It's important to listen to your body and go at your own pace. But these little things can help to make ClassPass Live feel more collaborative than popping in a workout video.
“We’ve been able to produce a high-quality, motivating fitness experience that recreates the magic of studio fitness at home while also providing another touchpoint for our community to engage with one another,” Payal Kadakia, ClassPass founder and executive chairman, said in a statement shared with Refinery29.
For now, ClassPass Live will only offer high intensity cardio workouts, to make best use of the heart rate monitor as the company explores how livestreaming works in the workout space. Soon, they hope to offer other types of classes as well, like yoga or pilates.
Interested? Sign up for the waiting list and stay updated with ClassPass Live.
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