Here's The Most Popular Workout In Your City

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
Are you more of a yoga person, or a barre fanatic? Or do you prefer to just hit the gym for a little strength training?
If you answered with the latter, you're actually amongst the majority in the U.S.
According to data from fitness startup ClassPass, strength training was the most popular workout in the U.S. in 2017. At least, it was the most popular workout amongst people who used ClassPass in America.
ClassPass broke down the most popular fitness genres by city, and strength training was the most popular amongst people in several major metropolises. It was overwhelmingly the most popular workout in cities in California (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento), as well as places such as Boston, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago.
Yoga, however, was the most popular in Seattle, Portland, Raleigh, Columbus, and Kansas City. On the other hand, pilates was favored in southwestern cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas/Forth Worth, and Houston.
Of ClassPass' five popular workout genres, cycling was the least favored — only two cities, Austin and Washington, D.C., were most likely to take it on as their workout of choice.
Strength training may be taking the cake in 2017, but it may soon be dethroned. ClassPass' data also found that meditation, restorative, and recovery classes are a growing trend, with the number of users taking these classes growing by 16% in the past year.
Of course, the results may not be super helpful if you're not living in a ClassPass city, but it's still interesting to see how we're all choosing to stay active. Should you feel inspired to try out some new ClassPass studios (and you happen to live in NYC), check out a few of our favorites.
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