Of Course Someone Made An Ikea Holiday Stocking

Photo: Courtesy of Bootleg Baubles.
Oh, what fun it is to play with the iconic Ikea blue bag.
Maybe it's the fact that so many people have one or that it's so useful, but the Ikea Frakta bag has become somewhat of a cult item of late. Even fashion house Balenciaga made a $2,145 designer tote inspired by the blue multitasker.
Then, there are all the "unofficial" homages we've spotted on Instagram: sneakers, sweatshirts, and even thongs. The Frakta has become a bona fide pop culture phenomenon, with seemingly everyone making their own copycat versions. (It's not just about the Frakta: People hack Ikea furniture and home decor in all sorts of genius ways all the time.)
The Frakta has even made its way to holiday decorations — and we're not particularly surprised. A U.K. company called Bootleg Baubles has made "The Swedish Stocking," an Ikea-inspired holiday stocking that can hang from your fireplace for just £20 ($27). The stocking is handmade in the U.K. and made in a limited-edition batch of 50.
"Nobody knew they wanted this and suddenly here it is," says the brand. Accurate. But we're still here for it. Especially if there are actually decent gifts inside (like Ikea gift cards) and not, like, off-brand hand sanitizer and candy we're just going to regift. (Hint, hint, family.)
Bootleg Baubles The Swedish Stocking, £20 ($27), available at Bootleg Baubles.

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