John McCain Just Learned That Twitter Can Be A Ruthless Place

Sometimes the most wonderful things come to fruition because of Twitter. The #MeToo movement gave survivors a platform to share their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. Online conversations about HBO's Confederate series – which aimed to explore a world in which slavery was still legal in the United States – may have contributed to the stalled production. The social media site also allowed us to experience Chrissy Teigen's famous banana bread scramble and a full-blown dance party to Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" in an NYC subway.
Sometimes, however, Twitter can be a little malevolent. Gizmodo reports that Senator John McCain learned this lesson the hard way on Monday after he put out a request for 74 more followers.
Unfortunately for the Arizona politician, the request actually backfired as people went on an unfollowing spree. As of press time, McCain's account appears to have dipped down to 2.98 million, well below his target.
Some vocalized that their decisions to delete McCain from their timelines was directly correlated to his vote in favor of a tax bill in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Others took the opportunity to throw in some jabs about McCain's leadership and the current state of the GOP.
This isn't the first time a political figure's public request on Twitter has been met with an unfavorable outcome. According to CNBC, Rep. Martha Blackburn released a poll in January with the intention of proving her followers wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act only to learn that most people wanted to keep it.
While no one knows how to stir up a controversial storm on Twitter quite like President Trump, his son, Donald Trump Jr., and daughter, Ivanka, have received their fair share of backlash, as well.
When in doubt, stick with the tried and true rule: "Never Tweet."

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