This Stranger Things Couple Is Red Carpet Gold

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Sorry, Steve Harrington, but Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers were meant to be together, and this photo from the 2017 Fashion Awards in London on Monday is proof.
According to People, rumored Stranger Things duo Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton (neither actor has publicly confirmed their relationship) arrived together at the event, thrown in partnership with Swarovski, looking quite fashionable and, might I add, quite couple-y.
Though their outfits weren't exactly coordinated — he wore a gaudy gold jacket, and she rocked a sheer burgundy gown embellished with shimmering stars and polka dots — the pair looked stunning.
It's no wonder they've gotten their red carpet style and posing down to a science, either. The two have had their fair share of experience greeting the cameras at various award shows and events (minus that one time Heaton was detained at LAX and couldn't make it to the Stranger Things 2 premiere), including a holiday party thrown by Burberry and Cara Delevingne on Saturday.
Since the wrap of Stranger Things 2, Dyer and Heaton have been spotted both on a rendezvous in France and hanging out with Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams in London. Metro even posted photos of the two locking lips during one of the outings, causing Jancy (I'm making the decision that "Jancy" is a superior couple moniker to "Nonanthan") fans to collectively lose their cool.
Those are a lot of emojis in that last tweet, and I cannot complain, because I have an important confession: I stan so hard for this couple both on the show and IRL.
Sure, Jonathan has had his incredibly troubling moments (public reminder that it's never OK to follow people and take photos of them without their consent), but I'd be lying if I said their first onscreen kiss didn't literally make me jump for joy. After all, the two have been through so much — slaying monsters, combatting bullying, experiencing the loss of loved ones — and deserve some happiness.
Of course, the series never truly cemented their romantic ties, or clarified what happened between Nancy and Steve, for that matter. Aside from that one hookup, Jancy didn't really address their relationship. Maybe they're just not that into labels? It's also possible that it's hard to have the "what are we" talk while you're trying to save a town from total destruction. Hopefully, we'll get some much-needed clarity in season 3.
In the meantime, I hope these two are having fun traveling the globe without the pressure of having to fend off swarms of ravenous demodogs.

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