This New Netflix Series Has A Surprising Game Of Thrones Connection

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What do a Netflix sci-fi series about taking on a new human "sleeve" (meaning: body) every time yours dies and the epic HBO series Game of Thrones have in common? One very talented director, as well as a compelling storyline.
The Netflix series Altered Carbon has a release date (February 2) and a trailer that has everyone wanting more. And, you might be noticing some similar themes.
Based on a book, Altered Carbon tells the story of Takeshi Kovacs, who is some kind of space warrior whose consciousness was imprisoned for 300 years. He is brought back by an old rich man who needs his help.
It's easy to draw a parallel here to the first season of Game of Thrones, when Ned Stark is summoned to King's Landing by King Robert Baratheon, who suspects treason in his midst (little does he know!).
While Kovacs has been on ice, society has been transformed by the digitization of consciousness, and death is no longer permanent.
This is the biggest similarity between the new show and Game of Thrones, and it is not surprising as director Miguel Sapochnik (Game of Thrones) helmed the first episode.
Kovacs is brought back to life to presumably save mankind. Who else has been brought back from the dead to save the world? Jon (Aegon Targaryen) Snow. Stabbed to death by his own men during a mutiny at the Night's Watch, Snow is brought back to life by the Red Woman, showing that death is not permanent, at least not in Winterfell.
Sapochnik won an Emmy and a DGA Award for “Battle of the Bastards," which is arguably one of best episodes of GOT. He was also behind the season six finale “The Winds of Winter,” and directed two episodes in season five.
Sapochnik's calendar has been packed as of late. Not only did he direct the first episode of Altered Carbon, but Indiewire reports he'll be directing three episodes of the final season of GOT.
Watch the trailer yourself:

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