Why This Photo Of A Man Shopping For Nail Polish Is Going Viral

A bouquet of red roses, expensive chocolates, a diamond necklace — these are all undoubtedly romantic gifts, albeit a little hard to maintain. That's why sometimes, it's the small, day-to-day acts of love that mean the most. And this viral photo of a man picking out nail polish for his wife is the sweetest example.
The S.O. inspo comes to us courtesy of Missouri resident Brittney Johnson, who was shopping at Sally’s Beauty Supply store when she happened upon a man trying to pick out the perfect nail polish for his wife. Johnson snapped a photo of the man's back as he crouched over the hundreds of polish options, then shared the photo on her Facebook page.
"I’m sorry, sir, whoever you are.. for posting a pic of your back side for the world to see.. BUT I couldn’t help it," Johnson wrote in the photo caption. "This man was on the phone with his wife, looking so hard for the EXACT Olive colored nail polish that she wanted."
To make sure the shade was just what his wife wanted, the man sent his wife photos of the most olive-looking colors on the wall, then called her to see which ones she liked best. As a bystander in awe, Johnson stood by listening to the conversation and writes that she heard the man say: “Ok, so I sent you the pic. Is that the right one? You wanna know the colors close to it? You just want all three colors??”
Johnson was so moved by this sweet man's concerned hunt for polish, she widened the scope to general relationship advice. “THIS IS ALL IT TAKES,” she wrote. “Effort. Showing someone that whatever is special to them means something to you because they want it, or need it, or just really like it.”
In the Facebook post that has quickly going viral — gaining more than 266,673 shares and 62,000 comments to date — Johnson signed off with a last tidbit of wisdom for us to chew on. “Don’t settle for less than that y’all," she said. "Somebody, somewhere, will love you enough to go shopping alone for your favorite nail polish.”
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