If You're Missing Obama & Biden, This Cartoon Will Be Perfect For You

Photo: Courtesy of Pete Souza.
Conan O'Brien recently signed on to executive produce an animated series about Barack Obama and Joe Biden's pure and unadulterated friendship. Not only will they be palling around making dad jokes, but they will also be traveling time and fighting crime. What's not to love?
The series pilot, titled Barry & Joe, was successfully Kickstarted by its creator, Adam Reid, back in August. It quickly attracted the attention of animation studios and Big Mouth creators Titmouse, Inc. Now, O'Brien's production company, Conanco has agreed to produce the series, reports AV Club. The show's Kickstarter page describes the cartoon as "the adventures of Barack Obama and Joe Biden bromancing the multiverse as they try and save us from ourselves."
The plot sounds hilariously compelling. The dynamic duo travel back in time "looking for the best in people... striving to right injustice wherever they find it" in the hopes that when they return to the present, it is a better and brighter world. Before you think that this show can't get any better, their guide through time is nonother than Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Photo: Courtesy of Adam Reid and Lance Laspina.
According to an interview with DCist, Reid said he came up with the idea after Donald Trump won the election last November. "We need a cartoon of a bromance trying to save us from ourselves ... I put it away for six months because it's clearly a stoner idea," Reid told the outlet. "I felt like it was an overreaction to the news that Trump had won. But then we hadn't lived through everything we've gone through in the past few months."
Reid believes that there's a perspective unable to be discussed because of the relentless nature of the news cycle. "I'm looking for comfort in a Saturday morning cartoon show that's going to be more in tune with what's actually going on than what we're reading every day, and that's more of a sign of where we're at right now," the filmmaker shared.
The Kickstarter page suggests that the first episode will be out around the holiday season, though no further updates have been made about when the pilot will be released.
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