You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Bathtub For Lush’s Latest Bath Bomb

The weather outside is frightful, the pressure of finding the perfect gift is in full swing, and company holiday parties are on the horizon. Is it any wonder, then, that many of us are left feeling like we need a relaxing bath — or let’s be real, six — just to cope? The good folks over at Lush know this. So they developed the mother of all bath bombs to help soak our worries away: It's the Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb — and it’s six times the size of a standard fizzer.
Weighing in at more than two-and-a-half pounds and fashioned like a wrapped present, the bomb uses orange oil, lime, and a swig of cognac oil to help revive tired spirits. Sounds nice. But like any bath bomb junkie, what we really want to know is how this sucker is going to play out in our tubs.
Refinery29 got a preview of its sure-to-be epic effect when trying the brand’s standard-size counterpart, the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. As Jen Anderson writes, the champagne-colored bomb “releases ribbons of blue, green, and turquoise. After only a few minutes, my entire tub transformed into a bright shade of aquamarine. But it wasn't just the color that left me shocked and awed: The bath bomb also filled my bathroom with a sweet, lightly fruity scent."
Multiply that mesmerizing moment of Zen and you’ve got yourself an Instagram-worthy experience to rival all bath bomb drops. Unfortunately, the latest addition to the bath bomb family is a limited one — available online today and in select stores December 15. Though this sucker is styled and timed for gift giving, we’re adding several to cart, now. Because come major stress days, this $20 dose of chill comes a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy.
Lush Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, $19.95, available at Lush USA.
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