Cardi B Went Off On The U.N. For Ignoring Alleged Slavery In Libya & Twitter Has Now Deemed Her Presidential

Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images.
It's too bad you have to be 35 to be the U.S. president — otherwise, Cardi B's fans think she'd be perfect for the job.
In a live video posted to Instagram on Monday, Cardi B took aim at the United Nations for not doing more to help people in Libya.
CNN recently showed what appeared to be modern-day slave trade in the country. As Al Jazeera explains, Libya is a hub for migrant people and refugees leaving countries like Nigeria and Somalia, with the goals of heading to southern Europe. But hundreds of these refugees and migrants are reportedly being sold in slave auctions.
"The power vacuum in Libya after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi has made human trafficking and people smuggling a booming trade," writes Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith.
The situation isn't sitting well with the American rapper. Cardi B said in her Instagram video that the U.N. isn't "making it their problem or priority to help what's going on in Libya." She also said it was "convenient" for the countries involved in the U.N. not to care that Libya doesn't have a designated leader. Cardi B also suggests that the U.N. wants to use Libya for its resources. "What's going on over there is shameful and disgusting," the rapper adds at the end of the live stream.
Fans who saw the video were quick to praise Cardi B for shedding light on the issue. Some of them went as far as to suggest, albeit jokingly, that the rapper should run for office.
It's nice to see a celebrity educating their fan base about an issue they might not be familiar with. Maybe Cardi B's Instagram video will inspire other stars to do the same.

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