This Is Proof That Birth Control Could Be A Game-Changer For Your Acne

Birth control, in its many forms, is something at least 99% percent of all sexually experienced women have used at least once in their lives. And while there are various reasons one might decide to take oral contraceptives in particular, there is a common and welcome side effect of them that some experience: Acne tends to disappear. But if you still need proof of the effect your pill could have on your hormonal breakouts, there's a Reddit user prepared to make you a believer.
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Reddit threads are often scattered with before-and-after photos proving — or disproving — the efficacy of hyped skin-care products. And while your tiny white pill isn't something you'd find next to your Differin gel in the drugstore, it does have similar effects on your complexion. Just look at Redditor Ellie Mahan. Mahan posted a side-by-side image of her before going on the pill and after, along with the caption, "2015 vs 2017. My skin has been better for a while (shout out to the pill) but seeing this old photo compared to a new one (where I’m not even wearing make up) made me so happy I just had to share it somewhere!!." As supported by her Instagram feed, Mahan's skin seemingly cleared up and inflammation significantly reduced within the two-year time period.
Granted, the birth control pill is no miracle worker for all skin problems, or even every kind of acne. In some cases, the pill could even cause cystic acne to appear. But, for Mahan, the results were positive. So, how does that work? We already know that hormones play a huge role in your skin's health. The pill contains estrogen and progestin, two hormones that regulate your body's ovulation cycle — consequently reducing your body's testosterone level, which might reduce the amount of acne on your chin. But this isn't a foolproof plan for everyone's skin woes. However, we — in addition to everyone else on Reddit — must applaud Manah for her personal skin journey, because damn, it's impressive. But if you're struggling with hormonal acne, see your dermatologist for next steps before choosing the pill as a be-all end-all solution.
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