The Secret Ingredient In Insecure’s Oral Sex Scene Was Piña Colada Mix

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Creator of the HBO show Insecure, Issa Rae, revealed the secret ingredient they used in a memorable sex scene on the show.
During an interview at Vulture Festival Los Angeles, Rae discussed a scene in season 2 between her character and on-screen boyfriend Daniel in which she decides to give him a blowjob. Mishap ensues, and she ends up with ejaculate in her eye.
With a bit of movie magic, they were able to create fake cum using an ingredient you can find at most grocery stores. "It was a piña colada," Rae shared. "There's pineapple in that, and coconut, right?" She added, noting that they actually had to take the pineapple out because she's allergic.
Issa Rae spoke to the timeliness of this scene. Had her show been on the air only a couple years ago, she likely would not have been allowed to show that scene. In fact, Judd Apatow said HBO wouldn't allow him to include a similar scene on Girls just a few years ago. "When we met with HBO, we mentioned a cum shot scene and they said, 'You're just in time!'" said Rae. "We couldn't do that with Girls but now we can! Cum for everybody!"
Insecure has included more sex scenes overall this season which has proven to be both a positive and a negative. The show has received harsh criticism in the past for depicting what fans believed to be reckless sexual habits, particularly, not explicitly making it clear that the characters are using condoms.
More and more women-run shows are broadening the horizons of what can and can't be shown or discussed with regard to sex on TV. More often than not, it is all in the pursuit of a more realistic portrayal of sex rather than the glamorized scenes of decades past. This scene from Insecure just goes to show that not everything goes perfectly...and that piña colada mix can be quite versatile.
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