Macklemore Has A Naked Justin Bieber Painting In His Bedroom & The Reason Why Will Haunt You

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So, Macklemore has a painting of a naked Justin Bieber in his home. This is something that's semi-well known, considering the painting came up in a Rolling Stone profile in 2016. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Thursday night, Macklemore joked that the painting isn't just an ironic tchotchke.
"It goes right above my bed and whenever I’m with my wife intimately, I can always stare at it if I want to control my orgasm, just slow it down," he told host Andy Cohen. Macklemore, who was born Benjamin Haggerty, seems to be enjoying the silliness of it all.
"I’m very proud of it, and it’s become a huge headline. It’s like, ‘Macklemore owns a naked Justin Bieber dick pancake painting,'" he said. According to the rapper, though, he purchased it as a white elephant gift. Then, as these jokes tend to go, he ended up stuck with the gift, and he had to make do with a painting of naked Bieber.
For context, the painting depicts Bieber, entirely nude, balancing a pancake on his penis. It's available on Etsy, which is exactly where Macklemore himself bought it. Macklemore said on WWHL that he's never spoken to Bieber about the painting.
The rapper T. Pain, who also appeared on the show, pointed out that this was odd. "If I had a picture of anybody with pancakes over their dick, that would obviously be the start of the conversation," he said.
In Macklemore's world, this seems pretty normal, though. He has a taste for kitsch. The Rolling Stone profile also mentions an oil painting of Drake dancing hanging in the rapper's headquarters as well as a velvet painting of a bald eagle.
"Ben spent a lot of time buying weird stuff on Etsy," his creative collaborator Ryan told the outlet at the time. And now, he's joking about it on WWHL. Watch the full clip of Macklemore on the show, below.
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