People Are Still Asking Nick Jonas About Being In Love With Miley Cyrus

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
Nick Jonas totally cops to Googling himself, at least "sometimes," he admits. And who could blame him? If we were anywhere near as famous as him, you'd have to pry the Google machine away from our hands.
The "Bacon" singer took his turn on Wired's Autocomplete interview series, where celebs answer questions that come from the most-search Google query algorithm. The questions run the gamut from "what does nick jonas eat" ("eggs in the morning, a salad for lunch, maybe an apple as a snack, I'm really into apples right now. Chicken for dinner, or fish, or sometimes red meat. I do like a good steak.") to "is nick jonas coming to guam" ("I hope so").
He was surprised to learn that fans Google this question, "is nick jonas wedding bells about miley" so often that it's a top Google result. "Is that really the first one? That's so funny," he says incredulously. "Uh, yeah it was, so uh, yeah," he answers, confirming what we all knew about the song. "So there you go." Jonas and Cyrus began dating in 2005 and were together for about two years.
We also learn that Jonas ascribes his fame to "a combination of hard work, dedication, right place and right time, and a lot of luck." He shares that when he was six, his mother was getting her hair done, and someone at the salon heard him singing. Jonas was put in touch with an agent, and soon began performing on Broadway before starting his eponymous band with his brothers. He also drives a red 1960 Thunderbird convertible, which he can pick us up in any time.
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