Mariah Carey's Show-Stopping Twins Are Proof That Talent Runs In The Family

If Mariah Carey is Mother Christmas, then her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, are her adorable little elves, and holy jingle bells, are they gifted!
Carey, who is currently bedridden after coming down with a nasty respiratory infection, released a brand-new music video on Thursday for her other holiday song, "The Star," and according to InStyle, it features an appearance from her curly-haired babes.
The track, which is featured in the upcoming film by the same name, is all about staying true to yourself, finding faith, and appreciating the beauty around you, no matter how difficult life can become. Though a bit cheesy at times, the lyrics are both uplifting and endearing.
Just like the song, the music video is passably cute. Carey dazzles in a wintry gown as light falls around her like snowflakes. At times, the shots of her are replaced by scenes from the Christmas film, which tells the story of Jesus' birth through the perspective of the animals. But the real magic happens towards the end when little M&M pop up with another kid to sing, "follow your heart, it's Christmas."
You can watch the entire music video below, or, you can skip to the last 16 seconds.
While I'm not a huge fan of the song, I can definitely appreciate Carey using it as a means to prove which pop princess truly has a monopoly on the holiday season. Sure, Gwen Stefani and Sia can try to move up the ornate fir by putting out their own albums, but did they also drop not one, but two movies? Did they enlist their children for help on one of the soundtracks? No, they didn't, and that means Mariah is still the shiny star atop the figurative tree.
Better luck next year, ladies.

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