James Franco May Play A Superhero Next Because Why Not

Photo: Barry King/Getty Images.
James Franco is poised to take his turn in the X-Men movie world. The actor, owner of the Zola story, part-time food critic, and Serious Art Painter, is in talks to become the new Multiple Man, according to Entertainment Weekly.
Multiple Man is a mutant in the X-Men universe named Jamie Madrox, who can make copies of himself. These copies can go off and and do their own thing, away from the original Madrox. The copies live their own lives and have their own experiences, when they are re-integrated into Madrox, he can absorb all of their memories and knowledge. Of course, Madrox's copies are all vessels for the deepest parts of his subconscious, giving him a chaotic neutral vibe and getting him into all kinds of trouble.
The as-yet untitled Multiple Man project will be written by Allan Heinberg, who wrote Wonder Woman, which is reason enough to have high hopes for the film. A director has not yet been named.
Franco, for his part, is no stranger to playing lots of James Francos. In HBO's The Deuce, he played twins Vincent and Frankie Martino, helped along by the fact that the brothers are identical. He also famously interviewed himself for Four Two Nine magazine, as a straight and gay version of himself (he has called himself "a little gay").
He most recently wrote and produced The Disaster Artist about filmmaker Tommy Wiseau. Wiseau created The Room, considered to be one of the worst films ever made. The A24 movie also stars Franco's noted BFF Seth Rogan, Alison Brie, and Zac Efron.
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