Why Cardi B Is Not Happy With Her Hairstylist Right Now

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Cardi B is done with being "hustled and bamboozled" — and she's letting the world know.
Last week, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper posted her reaction to the cost of cereal at her hotel. (It was $7 for a bowl. We don't know what cereal exactly.) But her frustration didn't stop there. Right after that incident, the chart topper went off again about a hairstylist who charged her $400 for, reportedly, doing nothing but flat-ironing her hair.
According to Cardi B's Instagram story, the unnamed hairstylist she hired to style her hair essentially used a hot tool to smooth out her weave — and that's it. And Cardi B was not pleased with the job. "I don’t like when people try to finesse me," she stated in the video. "Let me tell you something. I did my weave yesterday. It looks immaculate. It looks poppin'. If you see pictures from yesterday, my hair looked like this."
Apparently, the rapper called on a stylist to refresh her second-day hair with something better than what she had the day before. Unfortunately, that's not what she got. "Shorty just flat-ironed my hair," she explained. "Didn’t glue my front, didn’t style it. All she did was press my hair with a flat iron."
For $400, Cardi B understandably expected more. “Are you dumb, or do you think I’m dumb? I hate that shit," she finishes the video saying. “I’m still cheap bitch, and you’re not going to play me."
In a now-removed Instagram photo, the Forbes "30 Under 30" star addressed the incident again writing, "Mind you my hair was styled since yesterday… how you gone charge me 400 dollars to flat iron my hair and come for 30 minutes… I don’t care how much money I’m making fuck outta here." Let this be a lesson to all: Don't mess with Cardi B.
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