Charlie Puth Regrets Dissing Justin Bieber, As One Should

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It's 2017 and this year has been tough for us all. Luckily, hearing that Charlie Puth and Justin Bieber have ended their feud is music to our ears.
You may recall how Puth famously yelled "Fuck you, Justin Bieber" in the middle of a live performance with Selena Gomez, which is a tad awkward, considering that she is maybe-kinda-totally back together with Bieber after breaking up with the Weeknd. Why he felt the need to slam Bieber so publicly, we have no idea, but he did apologize for the outburst and explained that it was meant to be a joke. Sure, Jan.
Puth did expand on the feud on an interview with Dan Wootton's Bizzare Life podcast, and he gets real about his thought process behind that ultra diss.
"I have never talked about this before and I'm fine talking about it," Puth begins. He sets the scene for us: he's on stage performing "We Don't Talk Anymore," and he has to "put every ounce of emotion into the song for me to go on stage and sing it. And there might have been a lot of emotions that night, a lot of thoughts going through my head."
Puth does admit that it "wasn't fair" to Bieber and that he should not have said it. And it seems like everything is copacetic in their world: "[Justin] posted that he liked my song 'Attention' on Instagram," Puth says, "so we've been good since then."
We can totally relate to the idea of being so far in our own feelings that we say something completely off-base. In Puth's case, he just did it behind a piano, in front of thousands of screaming fans and smartphones. We're just grateful that our worst emo meltdowns have not been caught on video — but will look to Puth's grace and remorse in case it ever does.
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