Mandy Moore Cried Over Next Week's This Is Us, So Consider Yourself Warned

We know only the most amateur — or stone-hearted — This Is Us fan would even dream of turning on the TV Tuesday night without a brand-new box of extra-soft 2-ply tissues on standby. Still, it bears repeating: The tears are about to flow, yo.
This warning comes courtesy of Mandy Moore, who plays Pearson matriarch Rebecca on the NBC drama. The actress and singer's Instagram Story features a pic of her fresh from crying, tears still welled up in her eyes. Her twisted mouth appears to be choking back a sob.
The caption is pretty foreboding: "For those who ask whether or not we [the cast] cry when we watch This Is Us. Get ready for episode 208. #mindblown"
We know what you're thinking: What now? How will our emotions be ravaged this time? Should we stock up on eye drops and maybe some de-puffing gel just in case?
Your guess is as good as ours. NBC offers only this teaser: "Kevin (Justin Hartley) goes back to his high school to accept an award. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Moore) get excited about their kids' futures.”
Rumor has it that viewers will find out what actually caused the knee injury that has plagued Kevin and triggered his newfound opioid addiction.
It's also worth noting that Moore is in costume in this photo; that's Rebecca's moon necklace and a very '90s floral print she's wearing. Presumably, this ultra-sad moment we're bracing ourselves for happens during a flashback. Is it an accident involving Kevin and his knee? Or does something bad happen to Randall, Kate, or Jack?
We won't know for sure until Tuesday night. Get ready for those tears, dears.
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