Huck Planning A Wedding Was Somehow The Best Part Of Scandal

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Things are very weird on Scandal. As the new Command, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) appears to have permanently retired her white hat. She is betraying all of the people closest to her and is essentially working to prove the old adage that it’s lonely at the top. Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is hardly even on the show anymore, living in Vermont as a now former President. Quinn (Katie Lowes) is pregnant and engaged, and the gladiators have never been so distant from one another. For fans like me, who have stuck with Scandal from the beginning, last night’s episode felt like an entirely different show. It was disorienting and at times, frustrating. But there was a silver lining, and that silver lining was Huck (Guillermo Diaz).
I mentioned that Quinn is engaged, and last night that engagement was all set to end and become marriage to her boo Charlie (George Lewbern). A small gathering of past and present gladiators have gathered at QPA (formerly known as OPA) for their wedding. The fact that Quinn and Charlie are getting married at their office in front of a handful of people is really depressing if you think about it, but such is the lonely life of a couple of reformed government assassins. Anyway, just because the ceremony would be small didn’t mean that the details should be overlooked. Huck made sure they were not.
Socially awkward Huck took his duties as best man very seriously. He isn’t able to hide his annoyance that Olivia hasn’t memorized a poem that he sent her to read during the ceremony. He is anxious that Quinn still hasn’t shown up yet. Marcus reports that one of the caterers isn’t sure where to put macaroons, and Huck springs into action with a little bit of condescension. Huck ominously threatens David Rosen (Joshua Melina), who has been tapped to officiate the ceremony, should the Attorney General make a mistake. Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) jokes that Huck is being both best man and maid of honor. But that’s an understatement. Huck has transformed into wedding planner and the bridezilla that Quinn would never be. I didn’t think that this was the imagery that Scandal needed, but it was.
Even Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes agreed. She tweeted during the episode that Huck’s excitement about macaroons was her “favorite thing ever.” And she wasn’t the only one. Twitter was really into into it.
We all know that Huck’s insistence on getting things right at the wedding is the result of some lingering effects from his time as a B613 agent. As a member of the covert agency, Huck became compulsively murderous, extremely anti-social, and calculating. He has spent the past few seasons trying to embark on a new life above ground. And even though it doesn’t come easily or naturally to him, he is committed. He wants to get it right. Planning a wedding for his friend is a test. I think we can all agree that he passed it.
You should know that despite Huck's best efforts, the wedding does not go on as planned. Quinn goes missing on the day of her nuptials. Ironically, it is also Huck who springs into action to find her. None of us have any doubts that he will take this task just as seriously.

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