Scandal Viewers Are Not Here For Taylor Swift's TGIT Appearance

Taylor Swift apparently does not have the best reputation with Scandal fans. The singer debuted her latest single, "New Year's Day," during ABC's TGIT, sparking a lot of backlash from Shonda's loyal following on Twitter.
The comments were brutal, to say the least, with one person calling to "Get Darth Becky off my tv." (It's hard to argue that one, since T-Swift essentially transformed herself into a fallen Jedi in her music video for "...Ready For It?" Plus, she does kind of have a history of playing the villain and recently threatened to sue a blogger for writing about her silence when it comes to her alt-right supporters.)
Anyway, "Darth Becky" wasn't even the worst of it. One person tweeted, "WTF!!! I need my #TGIT to be Taylor Swift free like the rest of my week. No Taylor Swift!" Another wrote, @taylorswift13 you are NOT Beyoncé — get the f*ck outta here! You are ruining my #TGIT experience!!!"
These commenters have a point: TGIT has widely been celebrated as a night for Black women to shine while other networks air their lineups featuring predominately white casts. It does not seem unreasonable that viewers would want to enjoy the ONE NIGHT they get to fully embrace Black excellence without having to watch a pop star who is going to be extensively covered by every outlet anyway.
Not everyone agrees with that, though. There were definitely a number of Swifties who said they tuned in specifically to watch their queen sing as she danced her fingers across the ivories in a candlelit room.
"New Year's Day" isn't all that bad. I mean, it's not amazing, but the acoustic performance was a welcome change from her more recent, aggressively poppy, synth-forward tracks. Also, it was really nice to listen to a song that had zero mentions of celebrity feuds. No Katy, no Kimye, no Calvin Harris; just she and beau Joe Alwyn having a grand time "picking up bottles...on New Year's Day."
Of course, there were fans who LOVED the innocent love song.

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