Disney Foodies Just Had Their Wishes Granted With This Limited-Edition Le Creuset Set

Photo: Le Creuset.
Disney fans with a penchant for the kitchen (can't let those enchanted appliances have all the fun) have reason to cheer. To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), the animation giant teamed up with Le Creuset to create apple-shaped cookware.
According to The Kitchn, two limited-edition cocottes (which is just a fancy name for Dutch oven) will go on sale at Le Creuset's site as well as Saks on November 17. We're not sure which dwarf would be the most apt to pick up kitchen duty, but fans of Snow White will sure to be happy to add either to their collection.
The larger cocotte will retail for $230 and includes a tea towel and special Snow White charm. A more affordable option is the smaller pot, which rings up at only $55 and is perfectly sized for any of Snow White's seven pals. It also comes with the special tea towel and charm, so collectors won't be missing out if they're keeping their winter holiday budgets in check.
Whichever shoppers opt for, the pots both feature a bold red ombré paint job and a handle that's shaped like an apple stem. The Le Creuset collab is part of a larger Saks and Snow White celebration: This winter, the storied department store will dedicate its window display to the Disney fairy tale and customers will be able to dine with Snow White, Prince Charming, and Dopey in the store's on-site restaurant, Café SFA.
Fans may remember the last limited-edition Disney Le Creuset to bless kitchen counters. To celebrate the release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, the two companies came together to release a commemorative pot decorated with roses, which was available at Williams-Sonoma. It was so successful that a second edition, featuring a yellow colorway reminiscent of Belle's ballgown, followed suit.
However, this new edition is sure to have everyone whistling while they work up something tasty in the kitchen.
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