There's A Game Of Thrones Drinkware Line For The Khaleesi In All Of Us

Game Of Thrones may be gone for the foreseeable future (sob), but if you need more than fan theories to keep you company, you’re in luck. While we thought there was very little in the seven kingdoms we had yet to uncover, today we discovered that there was an entire realm we hadn’t yet explored: drinkware.
The HBO online store has a dragon's hoard of goodies, from wine glasses to mugs to even Night King ice molds. (The only time we're not terrified of his icy visage: when its bobbing in a cocktail glass.) This is technically nothing new, but the holiday are coming up. And now, we have suddenly realized we need couples-friendly Tormund and Brienne mugs, yesterday.
Besides the fact that we can always use more Game Of Thrones in our life, the collection makes a certain intuitive sense: drinking plays pretty heavily into the show's mythology, and fan favorite Tyrion is nearly always imbibing. Also, several characters on the show have met their demise drinking wine, but we're not going to think about that too hard. (And, hey, maybe if they were using dragon's egg wine stoppers, they might still be with us.)
Not only do the following items make great stocking stuffers, they'll jazz up your bar cart, and you can show your roommates that you, like Jon Snow, are a Targaryen. And, when the show finally returns, you'll be ready to play the most Instagram-ready Game Of Thrones drinking game ever.
Now we just really hope the good folks at HBO can release a winter coat just like Dany's amazing white fur number from the past season. Then we'll never ask for anything ever again. (Except, of course, for the new season to get here really, really fast. Pretty please?)
Click through to see our top picks on drinkware straight from the land of ice and fire.

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