Everything We Know About Drake’s Netflix Project

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Drake may have declared that his acting days are over, but he graces the cover of the Hollywood Reporter talking about his return to film and television.
In a lengthy profile, writer Tatiana Siegel gives us a view into Drake's side career. Or rather, his original career: he started off as an actor on Degrassi: the Next Generation as Jimmy, who became paralyzed after being shot in school. For those of, ahem, a certain age, Degrassi was the defining soap opera of our youth. And it's clear that Drake is looking to find that same success again.
Siegal describes how Drake is developing a new show with Netflix called Top Boy. The series will be a revival of an English show of the same name, which THR calls an " across-the-pond version of The Wire."
The original Top Boy, like many English shows, was a short series. It ran for just two seasons in 2011 until 2013. It's set in East London, in a fictionalized housing estate called Summerhouse. In the UK, housing estates are similar to subsidized housing projects in the United States, though housing estates may include tenants of mixed incomes.
It starred Ashley Walters as Dushane and Kane Robinson as Sully, both of whom play drug dealers who struggle to make a living. Malcolm Kamulete plays a character named Ra'Nell, who must survive in a high-crime area after his mother is removed from the home. Top Boy won a BAFTA award in 2012.
Drake will be executive producing the show. Walters and Robinson are set to reprise their roles as well. Walters posted on his Instagram that season 3 of the show is coming "very soon." We know that the show is coming in 2019, which isn't exactly "very soon," but we're looking forward to in nonetheless. The first two seasons of the show are streaming on Netflix now, in case you want to get a head start on the upcoming season 3.

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