Fans Are Positive That Beyoncé Is Teasing New Music

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Uh, hello, is Beyoncé getting ready to drop manna from the heavens, in the form of new music? The Beyhive seems to think so, and their clue is coming from a sneaky source: the "I Ain't Sorry" singer's latest hairdo.
InStyle reports that last night, Queen Bey and her husband Jay-Z had dinner at Dooky Chase, a restaurant in New Orleans. Solange and her husband Alan Ferguson live in NOLA, so Beyoncé visits the Big Easy often to visit her sister. While dining at Dooky's, Bey posed for some photos with some employees, including Leah Chase, who founded the restaurant.
You may notice that Beyoncé has her hair in braids. And according to popular fan theory, in the world of Beyoncé, when she's wearing braids, it means she's recording new music.
Her fans might be on to something. On a logistical level, it makes perfect sense that Beyoncé would want to keep her hair out of the way while she's working. "Braids are a low-maintenance style," says R29's entertainment writer Sesali Bowen. "She wants to be comfortable and the last thing she wants to worry about is her hair.
Our Senior Features Writer Arianna Davis adds: "Braids are a common pregnancy and post-pregnancy style for black women, so we don't have to worry about our hair in the middle of the craziness is that newborn motherhood." Davis also points out that Bey rocked similar braids after Bey's eldest, Blue Ivy, was born, and in her 2013 HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream we learned that was a time when the singer recorded a lot of music. Being a mom is a full-time job (especially to twins!), so it's possible Bey is again using her maternity leave to work on some new jams. After all, she did just release a remix to J. Balvin's "Mi Gente," in order to support Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico.
That she's in New Orleans is also especially pertinent: Beyoncé filmed several of the videos for Lemonade there. She also referenced the Hurricane Katrina disaster in the music video for Formation, sporting long, gorgeous braids in the video.
Beyoncé stans took to Twitter to express their feels over the possible new Beyoncé music on the way, and, as you can guess, they are over the moon.
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