This Character Really Wants Dr. Yang Back On Grey’s Anatomy — & It Could Happen

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Hunt on Grey's Anatomy, would love for Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) to return to the show, prodigal son-style, as the show enters its golden years. (It's in its 14th season. The show is officially very long in the tooth.)
"Do you think [Cristina Yang] will ever come back?" Entertainment Tonight asked the actor on the red carpet for the Grey's Anatomy 300th episode celebration.
"I hope she will," he answered. "I think it would be so much fun, and it would open up so much again in the story and mix everything up." McKidd's character Owen Hunt was deeply involved with Oh's character during her time on the show. Both Cristina and Owen were tortured souls, and they found a complex sort of love before eventually divorcing before Cristina left for Switzerland at the end of season 11.
As of season 14, Dr. Hunt has a failing relationship with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), so the show is ripe for a Cristina Yang return.
"Owen, wherever he is in his life, would have incredible stories [with Cristina]," McKidd added. "And she's just such an amazing actor, that I still miss her to this day. Every day. Even though she only lives 5 minutes away from the studio."
McKidd explained that he and Oh are still very good friends, and she even asks for updates about Dr. Hunt on the show. She was jealous when Dr. Hunt married Amelia, he said. McKidd then joked that Oh should come back on the show, to which Oh replied, "Well, maybe."
That sounds like a glimmer of hope for the Hunt-Oh 'shippers. Grey's Anatomy airs an episode tonight — what if Cristina Yang reappears? After all, Izzie Stevens is technically returning.
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