Izzie Stevens Will Reappear In Grey’s Anatomy In A Very Strange Way

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Grey's Anatomy is approaching its 300th episode, an astounding feat for any show, but particularly for one that's had such a huge cast over the years. Some of its most beloved characters date back to the very beginning, like Izzie Stevens, played by Katherine Heigl.
Stevens was part of the Fab Five interns, who showed up to Seattle Grace Hospital fresh-faced and ready to take on the world. She also was the star of one of our favorite moments on television: the Bethany Whisper modeling incident, in which Stevens famously clapped back to future hubby Alex Karev after he humiliated her by posting photos of her lingerie modeling days all over the hospital: "I'm out of debt."
When Stevens left Washington state after she was fired, we don't know what happened to her. We do know that we miss the heck out of her. As it turns out, we may get another few moments with Izzie Stevens in a very interesting way.
As the 300th episode approached, Entertainment Weekly reports that some of the Fab Five may be making an appearance in the form of patients arriving into the trauma center from an amusement park accident. The patients will look very similar to former doctors over the years, including Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh....and Izzie Stevens. Which means one them will have her signature blonde hair and megawatt smile.
We also know that the 300th episode is titled after a song from the musical Hamilton: "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story." There will also reportedly be several Easter eggs in the show, as a gift for longtime fans.
Grey's Anatomy airs on Thursdays, on ABC and 8pm ET.

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