Today's Google Doodle Goes Off Script To Celebrate Pad Thai

Are you the kind of person who goes to a Thai restaurant and never even opens the menu because you already know no matter how much you peruse the options, you'll still ordering Pad Thai? If the answer is yes, you'll appreciate today's Google Doodle.
Although Google usually reserves the coveted space on its homepage for Doodles honoring holidays, historical moments, and famous people, the search engine has gone off script today to celebrate the aforementioned stir fried rice noodle dish. According to the Google Doodle Blog, the Doodler behind the click-through series of illustrations was inspired by her own investigation into cooking Pad Thai.
Head to Google's homepage, and you'll see adorable, primary-colored critters take you through the process of making the meal, from firing up the wok to pouring in the fish sauce. Simply click on the Doodle to initiate the playful sequence.
Photo: Getty Images.
The history of Pad Thai is a rich one ingrained in Thailand's history. The meal was introduced as a national dish during World War II because its ingredients were readily available and cheap. Rice noodles were inexpensive and plentiful, and, when combined with vegetables, shrimp, or other proteins, provided a nutritious boost.
According to The New York Times there was another incentive behind popularizing the dish: modernization. Authorities promoted the dish in an attempt to establish a Thai identity at the same time that the country became known as Thailand instead of Siam.
Over time, chefs have added subtle twists to put their own spin on the dish, but the basic ingredients and presentation have remained the same. Of course, it's also as delicious as ever. If you're feeling hungry after seeing the Doodle all day, order in, or head to the kitchen and to whip it up yourself — it takes less than hour, and is still an affordable meal to make.

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