Derek Zoolander's Tiny Phone Is Finally Here

At the risk of sounding like my grandmother right now, all these new phones and their fancy features are completely overwhelming. I can barely navigate the iPhone 6 interface, and now Apple wants me to completely reprogram the way I close out my apps while also having to get used to how utterly terrifying animojis are? Oh, and while I know this isn't completely Apple's fault, there's no way in hell I wouldn't drop and break the glass exterior, which is really bad because these drop test results are not great!
That's not to say I'd ever downgrade, but wouldn't it be nice to have a sleeker, simpler option? If you answered "yes," you're in luck. According to The Verge, the NichePhone-S is the perfect fit for people who want a phone that texts, calls, and streams music without all the additional bells and whistles.
The Verge even reports that this little baby does come equipped with the capability to run Android 4.2. Additionally, you can use Bluetooth and record voice messages. After all, even the most tech-averse people don't always have access to pen and paper when trying to jot down a last-minute grocery store list.
There is one catch, though. The NichePhone-S is small — like, tinier than the iPhone 4 small. It's so tiny that even Derek Zoolander might have trouble keeping track of it.
But you know what they say, "good things come in small packages." That couldn't be more true for people who would love the option of carrying around a cell phone that actually fits in the pockets of women's jeans.
If you're interested in getting your paws on the NichePhone-S in the U.S., you might have to wait a while. For now, the phone is only available in Japan. But for only $95, those with the funds could potentially purchase one for fun.

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