A Fan Pointed Out A Major Problem With The Justice League Ads

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"You can't save the world alone."
That's a pretty good tagline for a movie about a group of people working together to save the world. But in the case of Justice League, it's not entirely accurate.
It wasn't long ago that Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman became the highest-grossing superhero origin movie at the domestic box office, pulling in $404, 008, 376 million domestically. Wonder Woman was also the highest-grossing live action film directed by a woman. And Jenkins will return to direct Wonder Woman 2, so there's plenty more big-screen girl power to come.
A quick reflection on Wonder Woman's success — and the movie's storyline — undermines the latest D.C. Comics ads. though. If you're Diana Prince, you can save the world alone. And one endeavoring New Yorker pointed this out by writing "Yes I did" on top of Gal Gadot's character on the Justice League poster. Simple but effective.
This isn't to say Justice League won't be a perfectly fine superhero movie. And in fairness to the tagline, it looks like its creators chose that specific phrasing so that they'd be able to use the letters from each superhero's insignia. (Although, to be honest, that Batman "E" is kind of a major stretch.) But it's still a pretty funny observation. Not that we're condoning defacement, but kudos to whoever thought of this joke.
Wonder Woman has inspired people of all genders across the globe and any movie that gives Diana more screen time is a win. But fans of the movie will likely say she doesn't really need her fellow Justice League members, and they just might have a major point.
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