The Internet Can’t Get Over Kate Winslet & Allison Janney’s Impromptu Award-Show Kiss

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
Is the news getting you down? Sit back, because the world has dazzled us with a gift we never knew we needed.
Kate Winslet was accepting the Hollywood Actress Award at the Hollywood Film Awards. She begins her speech by talking about how much she loves working on a creative team. "For me, it's always been about the opportunity to work alongside other incredible actors," says Winslet.
"Allison Janney is in this room. Allison, I know I don't really know you, but I just want to be you," she says, echoing the feelings of many people.
The camera turns to Janney, who looks absolutely delighted at being recognized, and she thrust her arms toward Winslet in a very exaggerated air kiss.
This is where things get steamy. Winslet is equally delighted and says "I mean, we could always kiss, maybe, maybe...oh, it's going to happen!" We then see Janney get out of her seat and head towards the stage, while Winslet literally giggles and squirms like our teenage selves who just got noticed by our crush.
Janney then plants a big one on Winslet, and it was short and sweet, and for one brief second the world was at peace. When their lips touched, our hearts knew what it meant to feel joy again. "That was so exciting!" Winslet gushes, and Janney was also beaming as she said "that is the best thing I've ever heard!" Excuse us while we go write Win-ney fanfic.
Winslet and Janney are both receiving lots of buzz over their latest roles. Winlset just starred in Woody Allen's new movie Wonder Wheel as Ginny, the wife of a carousel operator. Janney plays LaVona Harding, the abusive mother of Tonya Harding in I, Tonya, one of our most anticipated movies of fall 2017.
Twitter similarly melted down over their kiss. Check out some of the best reactions below:
Watch the video of Kate's speech and the kiss below.

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