Apple Rolled Out An Official Fix For That Strange Texting Problem

Update: November 9, 2017: After almost a full week of complaints, Apple has finally fixed that annoying "I" problem plaguing iPhone users. Simply head to Settings > General > Software Update to update your phone to iOS 11.1.1.
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This article was originally published on November 6, 2017.
Apple's software updates serve two purposes: Introducing new features, such as the latest emoji, and fixing bugs in the current operating system. Unfortunately, sometimes an update can create new problems.
This has been the case with iOS 11.1, which Apple rolled out to users last week. A bug, which Apple indirectly acknowledged in the Support Pages online, is autocorrecting the letter "i" to an "A" with a strange question mark symbol. For some, the "i" they typed is then showing up as a recently used emoji.
In light of the bug, there's been a playful user edit to Apple's iPhone X marketing materials:
If the tweets to Apple Support are any indication, this bug might have been around before iOS 11.1. Some users have been noticing issues with their keyboard since iOS 11.0.3, including lag times when texting and trouble accessing the emoji keyboard.
It wasn't until late last week, however, that Apple acknowledged there was a problem and suggested a workaround. If you're one of the affected — you'll know as soon as you try to type the letter "i" in a message — Apple suggests creating a keyboard shortcut until the problem is "fixed in a future software update." To do so go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement. Press the plus icon in the upper righthand corner. In the "Phrase" section type "I" and in the "Shortcut" section type "i." Tap Save and you should be set.
You'll also notice other useful tools in Settings > General > Keyboards, including the options to toggle off autocorrect, auto capitalization, and smart punctuation if you want more control over your keyboard.
Keyboard issues aren't the only problems plaguing iOS 11. Although Apple has not addressed battery life, many people have found themselves in the red far sooner than they would have expected. If you're struggling with low battery, try some of these power saving options.
As for avoiding updates altogether, it isn't advised, even if you are hearing horror stories from friends. Updates are there for a reason, and failing to take advantage of them can expose your iPhone to far worse vulnerabilities.

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