A Martha's Vineyard House The Obamas Once Rented Is For Sale

The Martha's Vineyard home that served as the Obama's 2013 "summer White House" could now be yours — if you have $17.75 million, Apartment Therapy reports.
The "Chilmark House" sits at 8 Snail Road in Chilmark, Massachusetts, overlooking a private beach that's visible through its tall windows, along with an infinity pool, outside terraces, screened porch, and half basketball court. One unusual thing about the 7,000-square-foot home is that it has more bathrooms (two partial, five full) than bedrooms (six). Whoever snags it will have a constant reminder of its history, because a picture of the former President and First Lady is still on the wall.
"Oak and radiant-heated limestone floors, marble baths, precast concrete fireplace mantles, and top quality appliances support a relaxed yet sophisticated experience for residents and guests," the listing reads. "An art collector's dream, this home is a canvas and was designed with abundant space to showcase art. This home blends traditional Vineyard motifs with a modern aesthetic." Despite all these perks, the property has depreciated in value over the past few years: Its price was $22.5 million when it first hit the market in 2015, Business Insider reports.
The Los Angeles Times reported in August 2015 that Obama was making his sixth visit to Martha's Vineyard. He spent his time there hanging out with his family and playing golf with Larry David and other friends. One upside of the vacation spot, which was also a favorite of Bill Clinton's, was that people weren't clobbering to get a look at him.
"If the motorcade is going by I’ll stop and watch," Martha's Vineyard resident Thomas Dresser told The LA Times. "But we’re not racing down the street every time we hear he’s headed to the golf course."
No word as the whether the Obamas plan to keep visiting Martha's Vineyard, but there are reportedly looking at an apartment in Manhattan.

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