Not Even Kim Jong-Un Is Immune To The Allure Of Shiny New Beauty Products

Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images.
Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, as the totalitarian leader is addressed in his native North Korea, is primarily known for two things: gross human-rights violations (ordering the torture and execution of anyone who opposes his regime, even his own uncle; operating detention camps; restricting personal liberties to the point of nonexistence; otherwise exercising absolute and barbarous control over a country of more than 25 million people) and ever-growing threats of nuclear war.
But a new report out of the official Korean Central News Agency showed that even a real-life movie villain can appreciate the allure of brand-new beauty products, as evidenced by his shit-eating grin during a recent visit to a cosmetics factory in Pyongyang.
Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images.
Kim was photographed beaming gleefully as he examined the products and facilities alongside the country’s two most powerful women — his wife, Ri Sol-ju, and his younger sister, Kim Yo-jong. The KCNA reports that the dictator was “very pleased” with what he saw, remarking on both the state of the cosmetics and the factory itself. He referred to the selection as “numerous and qualitative,” which is to say that there are a lot of them and they are very good, and described their packaging as “very nice.” He also said — “with pride,” no less — that the factory “has come to have the dream of the women who want to be more beautiful be realized.”
This appearance is the latest in a string of occasional outings to factories, farms, and other businesses throughout North Korea that Kim has taken under the guise of “field guidance” since he assumed office in late December of 2011, shortly after the death of his father, Kim Jong-il. In the past, he’s been captured inspecting everything from hosiery to apples in an orchard, always looking affable and happy to be there.
Now if only he and Trump could put a meet-and-greet at North Korea’s foremost self-tanner manufacturing facility on the books, they might just find some common ground that would save us all from being annihilated due to nuclear warfare.
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