This App Lets You Text Your Future Self

Photographed by Eylul Aslan.
Have you ever had the thought, "I hope I'll remember this years down the line," knowing that sadly, you probably wouldn't? The iPhone app Incubate wants to help make sure you will. It lets you send a text to yourself or someone else with up to a 25-year delay, Brides reports.
While you could use it to impart words of wisdom to your future self, Incubate's creator Michael McCluney originally invented it so people could memorialize life's special moments. His friend was juggling triplets and wanted to share footage of their childhood with them when they were older, but he had a feeling he'd lose any photos and videos he took by the time they'd be able to appreciate them. If there were a way to send them right now, McCluney realized, this wouldn't be an issue.
Soon, people were using the app to keep their wedding memories alive. Some asked guests to schedule texts for the future so they'd keep getting photos and videos long after the wedding. That's what led to the creation of Incubate My Wedding, a $299 extension specifically designed for wedding guests. The user uploads guests' email addresses, and they get instructions on the morning of the wedding for creating messages that'll be sent to the couple up to 25 years in the future. Couples can even get a Future Booth — a giant iOS pad where they can take photos and send them to the couple years down the line — at their weddings.
"Every bride in history has said, 'My wedding day was a blur,' but now it doesn't have to be," McCluney told Brides. "You will receive messages from the biggest day of your life from those who you love most, your wedding day never ends. And there is nothing more special that being reconnected with those loved ones for years to come."

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