People Aren't Just Destroying Beauty Products — They're Destroying Lush Bath Bombs

Photo: Lush.
There's an Instagram account that chops up your favorite Lush beauty products. And if it weren't so soothing, it would be horrifying to watch.
@therosequeenn calls herself a "professional Lush enthusiast," and based on her account, which is full of bright bath bombs and other products, we believe her. Each video involves the Instagrammer taking a knife to the popular bath products, chopping them up, and then running them under water in a sieve. This may seem like sacrilege to loyal Lush lovers, but the videos are actually really relaxing to watch. Once you watch one, you'll see what I mean. She cuts each jelly and bubble bar so perfectly. The sound is surprisingly soothing as well, almost like ASMR.
It looks like a lot of people are enjoying seeing their favorite bath products chopped into tiny pieces, the account has gained over 21,000 followers with some of the videos getting nearly 40,000 views. Watch one and then try not to want to watch a dozen more.
Does this make anyone else want to try it for themselves? The account showcases popular, perennial favorites as well as seasonal products. The bubble bars seem to be their favorite to dice (we can't imagine a bath bomb would cut so easily).
For those of you who still can't get behind this unorthodox way of enjoying Lush products, @therosequeenn also posts videos where she uses them normally.
The products still probably feel and smell just as good in the bath whether they come whole or pre-chopped. While it may not be as relaxing as taking a nice long soak with a bath bomb and other Lush products, it is still pretty calming to watch.
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