Pennywise Just Got His Own Frappuccino

That's it: Starbucks has officially gone too far.
We put up with the Zombie Frappuccino, which was essentially a mess of food dye and enough sugar to keep you bouncing off the walls for months. Over the pond, they welcomed the bloody Vampire Frappuccino, which looked gruesome enough to send anyone with a hemophobia running for the hills. But now, the caffeine franchise has taken things to a completely different level by introducing the scariest cold beverage of them all: The It Frappuccino.
Yes, your worst fears have been realized. Nowhere, not even Starbucks, is a safe haven from terrifying clowns.
Thankfully, the nightmare-inducing drink hasn't been officially recognized by the chain, with only one location in California reportedly serving it to fearless customers. Delish learned about the exclusive treat on Reddit, where another barista posted a note encouraging anyone serving up the horror-inspired frap to quit it immediately.
"To the store in California that is serving the 'IT' Frappuccino...Please stop," the user, frappucci-NO, wrote. "I had a young woman come through my drive thru and ask me for an IT Frappuccino like she saw at another store in California. I asked her if she had a recipe and she said it's a 'vanilla bean with strawberry purée, and a vanilla bean scone blended in' STAHP."
The user later added that blending pastries into drinks is a big "NO" at all stores. And I can see why: Adding a scone — which, let's be honest, is probably hard and gross anyway — to an non-caffeinated wannabe milkshake is criminal. And then to top it off with chunky strawberry guts? It's a creation so vile, it makes hanging out in a swampy sewer with a killer dancing clown seem almost enjoyable.
Of course, if you're into that kind of thing, that's totally fine, too. Just please don't @ me when you realize chugging an entire pastry was a not-so-stellar idea.
For those less adventurous, you could stick with a play on a tried-and-true classic with the Caramel Pumpkin Macchiato. Or, you know...a black coffee.
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