We Tried Starbucks' New Zombie Frappuccino & The Flavor Is Seriously Spooky

Today, we awoke to some spooky news. No, it wasn’t an apparition floating above our beds or a monster jumping out of our closets. It was the big announcement from Starbucks that it had released a new Halloween-themed drink called the Zombie Frappuccino.
The Zombie Frappuccino is made with a crème base and features caramel and apple flavors. Festive, no? Once blended, the beverage gets topped with purple whipped cream that’s meant to look like brains and a mocha drizzle, which is dyed red to look like blood. If this drink was truly meant to scared Starbucks customers, we’re here to tell you, it certainly did its job. Waiting in a line of fellow eager Frappuccino fans early this morning in order to get our hands on the drink was an experience of its own, but it wasn’t anything compared to actually tasting the Zombie Frappuccino.
The drink’s green color immediately brings to mind images of slime and zombie flesh, so its appearance definitely sets a creepy tone. However, red and purple accents make you think that you’re about to taste some berry flavors. When you take the first sip, though, it becomes quite clear that’s not what’s going on in this cup. Because the caramel apple flavor is unexpected from a bright green and purple drink, the Zombie Frappuccino is basically the drink equivalent of a really great mystery novel, which we think is pretty appropriate for the season.
Although we didn't know what to expect from the drink before trying it, the caramel apple flavors are very strong. If you've ever had any of Starbucks' caramel drinks, like the recent Horchata Almondmilk Frappuccino, you'll be able to recognize the flavor right away. If zombies were real, we're guessing they would drink Frappuccinos with a nasty, bitter taste, but that's not the case with this beverage. It is extremely sweet. For anyone who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, any size bigger than a tall, might be too much. However, the slight bitterness of the mocha syrup and the creaminess of the Frappuccino base do help balance things out. Plus, if there's a time of year to capitalize on all-things sweet, it's Halloween.
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