The First Look At Anna Kendrick As Santa's Daughter Is Not What We Expected

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage.
Our bodies and souls are ready for the upcoming Christmas movie, Nicole, which stars Anna Kendrick of Pitch Perfect fame. Not only is Kendrick a lovable, charming actress (she's literally the only thing we remember about the movie Up In the Air), but she's absolutely hilarious. Her must-follow Twitter account shows off her comedic talents and wit, and it's impossible not to adore her book Scrappy Little Nobody.
She's starring as Santa Claus' daughter Nicole (the more femme version of St. Nicholas, presumably), who steps up to fill of the role of gift-deliverer-in-chief after her brother can't deal with the responsibility of spreading cheer and joy to children around the world.
Naturally, Kendrick took to Instagram to give us our first look at Nicole. She's decked out in a lot of Kelly green, in what looks like a vintage 70s-style Fair Isle minidress. We can feel the polyester from here. She's also wearing printed leggings and, our favorite part of this getup, green velvet boots with a heel and pom pom tassels.
Honestly, who wasn't expecting a bit more in the costume department? Maybe Nicole is going to be a more casual, laid-back Santa? After all, delivering gifts to every child on the planet is a lot of work, and millennial Santa clearly cares about the comfort.
We would also like to note that Nicole was written by Marc Lawrence, who also wrote another one of favorites: Miss Congeniality. Billy Eichner will also star as her large adult brother. We can't wait for this flick to this the silver screen. Hello, can Christmas 2018 come any sooner?

It begins..... N O E L L E ??

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